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Wide Dynamic Range Emissive Display Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032262D
Publication Date: 2004-Oct-28
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Title:- Wide Dynamic Range Emissive Display

A passive or active matrix light emitting display, particularly an OLED display, is combined with a light modulator which can attenuate the light output from the display under electrical control. This enables a very wide dynamic range to be obtained, as required for displays intended to be used in widely varying ambient light conditions, such as automotive and avionic displays.

The electrically controllable light modulator is provided externally of the display and attenuates light from all parts of the display area by an equal amount, allowing the global peak brightness of the display image to be controlled.

In a simple implementation the light modulator is a single LC cell, for example a TN cell; with conventional optical structures such as polarisers. To retain the wide viewing angle capability, optimal compensation films can be added in known manner. Alternatively, the LC cell could be operated in a switched mode with the cell being fully on or fully off as the angular dependence of the optical characteristics of the cell are then much lower.