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External/Native Security System Support on z/OS and OS390 Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032267D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Oct-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Oct-28
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External/Native Security System Support on z/OS and OS390

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External/Native Security System Support on z /OS and OS390

Previously, library server on z/OS maintained users information for authentication and access control. For those customers that already have set up user information in RACF, a program is now provided that will populate the library server user information with the data stored in RACF.

The advantages of using this implementation are: -Helps maintain customer's existing security system -Populates native security system into CM -Synchronizes native security system and CM access control

The idea is implemented as a combination of JCLs (Job Control Lists) and C programs.

RACF data is initially backed up

Next, the backed up data is read to extract user information The user information is then filtered based on a criteria and then the data is sorted CM table ICMSTUSERS table is queried for all users defined in CM RACF users and CM users are then compared to perform the synchronization. Users defined in RACF that are not defined in CM will now be added to CM; while users defined in CM that are not defined in RACF will be deleted from CM table.

To reiterate the above process, here is the actual sequence of JCLs to be run in order to test this utility:

ICMMBKUP - JCL that backs up RACF infornmation into RACFBKUP file

ICMMDATA - JCL that reads RACFBKUP file to dump RACF user information into


ICMMSORT - JCL that selects three fields: record type 0220 (user TSO data), users, and

groups from RACFDATA, sorts th...