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Fiber optic cable tester at 248nm and 193nm Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032269D
Publication Date: 2004-Oct-28

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Purpose and advantage of invention: This tester box could be used to track the transmission losses in fiber optic cables used on the manufacturing floor, as well as in our R&D labs. Once the cable is base lined the cable may be tracked by a s/n and calibration date. The Engineer or Scientist could then later check the cable and measure its loss, and compare to when it was new. This could help in trouble shooting the bandwidth measurement and insure all readings are valid. Short Description of Invention (Include or attach appropriate sketches, and point out novel features): I plan on using an Iron cell (KrF) and a Platinum cell (ArF) for our wavelengths. In addition I plan on placing these tubes in a box, with a few optics and a power meter. There will be two places on the outside of the box to plug to Fiber optic cable in and out. There will also be a switch to select ArF or KrF. I plan on having a connection to the box for N2 purge.