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A arrangement for positioning a flywheel of an internal combustion engine in desired positions Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032281D
Publication Date: 2004-Oct-29

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A flywheel of an internal combustion engine has many times to be set in determined turning positions during service works, such as, for example, when the valves of the internal combustion engine have to be adjusted. Usually, such a positioning of the flywheel is performed manually by means of special tools, which is relative time wasting. The invention concerns internal combustion engines, which are connected to an Integrated Starter and Generator (ISG), in the form of an electric machine having a combined rotor and flywheel. According to the invention, a computer provided with suitable software is connected to an electric control unit of the vehicle, which controls the activation of the electric machine during operation of the internal combustion engine. Thereby, an operator may from a terminal, which is equipped with said computer, initiate an activation of the electric machine such that the combined rotor and flywheel turns to a desired turning position.