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Spam filter that uses search input Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032341D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-01
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This invention retains internet searches so that e-mail spam which is related to an area of current interest to the person may be allowed through while other spam which is not related the user's current interests is blocked.

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Spam filter that uses search input

When users access their e-mail on portals such as MSN or Yahoo, they have to authenticate themselves. Once the user is authenticated the search engine will save their searches. When an e-mail is received at the users free e-mail account and a spam filter determines the received e-mail is spam, the search engine will examine the text and determine if it is related to any of the searches the user has recently performed. If it is found to be related, it will be delivered to the user. If it is not found be related it will be blocked as normal.

Additional options allow the user to select and even delete searches they want to be appended to spam filtering. Over time, searches will have their influence reduced to the point that they no longer contribute to the filtering, at which time they will be removed. This way the current and ongoing interests of the person can be maintained by the spam filters and spam can be filtered accordingly. The user can set a time threshold, after which the searches will have no impact on spam filtering.

Additionally priorities can be assigned to mail from unknown recipients based on how well it seems to match the user's current interests. For example if the user submits a form to a realtor about property they found while searching the internet, the filter will detect that the message is related to searches that have performed and not block what may look like unsolicited E-mail, and even give it a boost in...