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Method to Automate the Extension of Server Monitoring Infrastructure via XML Template Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032350D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-02
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WebSphere's Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) gathers performance data from various application server components. New PMI counters can be added by instrumenting the related components. This disclosure proposes a method to automate the extension of PMI counters via XML template.

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Method to Automate the Extension of Server Monitoring Infrastructure via XML Template


WebSphere Application Server software has a Performance Monitoring Infrastructure (PMI) Service that gathers performance data from various server components, converts raw data to statistics and exposes statistics to monitoring application.

The data flow is as follows:
1. Components instrument code and pass raw data to the PMI
2. PMI gathers, aggregates data and provides statistics
3. Clients access statistics from the PMI service

For example, the statistics can be number of requests, average response time, number of threads in use, etc. The PMI statistics are used for analyzing and tuning the server performance.

The PMI service organizes the data from various components in a tree structure. This tree structure allows PMI service to provide more useful statistics like total number of requests for all servlets by aggregating the data from all the servlets.

Also, the statistics are maintained in various data structures that provide detailed information about the statistic including time last updated, statistical average and time-weighted average.

Each statistic is associated with a level which is compared with the run-time monitoring level to determine if that statistic is turned on or off.


The components are hardwired with instrumentation and when a new component/application needs to provide performance data via PMI it needs to do the following:

1. Write code to extend and integrate with PMI (Extension/Integration Layer)
2. Instrument code and pass data to PMI

Each component needs to write a similar code but slightly different to suit specific requirement. The programmer must get familiar with the internals of PMI and the process is error prone.

The following diagram shows the process of the extending the server infrastructure:


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WebSphere Server

specific to each component

Extension/ Integration


Monitoring Client


access statistics

 PMI Service



The proposed invention specifies a method to automate the extension of...