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Intelligent Auto-Scroll Web-Page (different components Learning tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032373D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-03
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Intelligent Auto-Scroll Web-Page (different components learning tool)

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Intelligent Auto-Scroll Web-Page (different components Learning tool

Self-Learning scrolling requires a training tool that can be used to create user profiles. There are no known solutions for this kind of a learning tool at this point in time.

1. The learning tool is started.
2. The user logs on to the "auto-scroll" server (a dedicated server with a web-front-end)
3. The userid /password for an existing profile or a new profile is accepted and a profile is loaded or created.
4. The user can copy/create an existing profile.
5. Load the specific WEB-Page (made up of different components based on a broad sample space of web-pages).
6. Click on the start button of each individual components, after the component has been interpreted, click on the stop button
7. This will be an indication of the user time spent on interpreting that component.
8. Steps 6 and 7 will be repeated for all the components on the page and stored

in the profile (locally on the system as well as the "auto-scroll" server)..
9. The act of storing in the "auto-scroll" servers makes the profile portable.
10. Based on the profile the intelligent self-learning auto-scroll is executed.


The invention provides a sample web-page including the different components that make up typical web-pages. The components will have a specific amount of data and the user will use start and stop mechanisms to indicate the amount of time the user spends on the different components for the specified amount o...