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Ergonomic D.C. Tool, Externally Reacting, Uni-directional, Swiveling Reaction Bar Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032375D
Publication Date: 2004-Nov-03
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Ergonomic D.C. Tool, Externally Reacting, Uni-directional, Swiveling Reaction Bar

Pistol grip air tools used in assembly plants to secure fasteners have internally reacting reaction bars that allow the operators to rotate the reaction bar around the end of the tool, to a point that would react when the trigger was actuated. The location for the reaction bar was anywhere on the 360 rotation specifically located for each individual fastener.  Once chosen, this location was fixed, causing the operators to rotate the tool with their wrist to get the reaction bar into the correct orientation.

To solve this problem, the developed swiveling reaction bar allows the operator to swivel / orient the reaction bar to any orientation required, using little to no human effort.

As can be seen from the diagram, the reaction bar is comprised of three major components/details.


  1. Clutch – the clutch is a mechanical diode that has one-degree of freedom.  This allows the reaction bar to rotate in one direction (parallel to the force) and remain stationary / locked in the opposite direction (counter to the final reaction force). 

This will allow the operator of the tool to orientate the reaction bar to the desired position, without adding undue strain on their wrist, while maintaining support counter to the final reaction force.

2.      Reaction Bar – the reaction bar will ensure that the torque tool reaction force is countered.  The reaction bar is welded onto an outside diameter ring, then press fitted over the clutch.

3.      Splined Ring – the splined ring enables t...