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Centralized Object Repository for Access Control Configuration Data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032415D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-04
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A management system for configuration data shared and co-owned by two computer servers.

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Centralized Object Repository for Access Control Configuration Data

A program is disclosed that is capable of adding, deleting, modifying or querying configuration data of a computing system having redundant computer servers, where the storage for said data is co-owned by both computer servers. In general, one server acts as the primary configuration agent, the other is a secondary agent. The program is able to transfer sole ownership of the data to a single server should the other server become unavailable. Both servers must maintain consistent meta-data structures such that a failure at any time will result in the passing of control seamlessly.

The storage medium for the configuration data is assumed to be a non-volatile medium that is accessible by both servers in time intervals on the order of several seconds or less. Such a medium may be a hard disk drive or optical drive, etc. Configuration data can then be loaded into the internal memory of each server during its boot sequence and passed on to the internal consumers of this data. Once the initial memory load is complete, the configuration data can be modified with the changes being made to nonvolatile memory first then, to the consumers and finally the internal memory. The request to update non-volatile memory is issued from the primary server while passing the data to consumers and internal memory updates are done by both servers in a synchronized sequence.

Below is the algorithm used when updating the co...