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Dynamic Error Information Record (EIR) Validity Detection and Reading from Adapter. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032416D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-04
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The following information outlines a server controlled data transfer procedure of an adapters' Error Information Record (EIR).

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Dynamic Error Information Record (EIR) Validity Detection and Reading from Adapter .

Disclosed is a system for the collection of an Error Information Record (EIR) from adapter(s) in a server controlled environment. When an adapter has a failure, it needs to notify the server of the failure so the server can initiate the proper recovery action. After the adapter has notified the server of an error, the adapter will store its error data in its memory in what is called an error information record (EIR). The adapter must write to one of its hardware register or memory locations stating that the EIR it has is valid. In another one of its hardware registers or memory locations the adapter must write the location (address) of where the EIR resides. The server will query the adapter's hardware register which tells it that adapter's EIR is valid. If the response is valid, the server will use the address that was place in another one of the adapter's hardware register. The server will read the adapter's EIR from this address. By using the adapter hardware registers in this manner, this allows the adapter to dynamically place its EIR anywhere in its memory. This also allows this model to be expanded where an adapter can store multiple EIRs for collection through the use of multiple hardware registers. It also allows the server to process the EIR at its convenience. Lastly it does not allow transfer of invalid data before check the validity of the data.

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