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Magnetic Tunnel Transistor at ABS with high bit resolution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032420D
Publication Date: 2004-Nov-04
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Prior art Spin Valve Transistor (SVT) or Magnetic Tunnel Transistor (MTT) have two basic problems for the disk drive read head construction. One problem is that bottom magnetic shield used in read head not applicable to SVT or MTT as ferromagnetic layer underneath the semiconductor collector not desirable. Also semiconductor collector is very thick and therefore it is not possible to realize the narrow read gap.

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Magnetic Tunnel Transistor at ABS with high bit resolution

  We disclose a differential sensor structure which does not require magnetic shields. Also read resolution then is not impacted by the thick collector as the read gap determined by the separation of two free layers shown in the figure. The in-stack bias layer which is self-pinned by the large negative magnetostriction and compressive stress (compressive stress due to air bearing surface formation) provides bias by exchange coupling to the two free layers.

Disclosed by Hitachi Corporation

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