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Time and Location Based Pub Sub Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032450D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-05
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A Location / time based Pub Sub system

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Time and Location Based Pub Sub


To date publish and subscribe technologies have been created that enable subscribers to register interested in 'topics' that may be hierarchical or named (see MQTT IBM's *) This enables systems to subscribe to data that may be pertinent to them in real time.


    Typically information feeds publish information in real time ie once the pub/sub event has occurred it has passed. Also traditional systems using the Pub/Sub systems must further consume and interrogate data for further qualification !.

    In this new pervasive era including the Telematics environment, subscribers will want to be able to further qualify subscriptions with time and spacial information. For example road traffic news and events are time/location related. If a car was travelling from Hursley to Norwich it may wish to subscribe to traffic events on M3 now, M25 in 2 hrs and Norwich local trafic in 3+hrs. thus local traffic news on Norwich rush hour would be irrelevant to the device if not in range at a time. Solution

    Enable the publisher to specify location and time as well as traditional topic information. Thus the broker, not the subscriber computes relevance thus saving work load on subscribers.

    Now the subscriber can subscribe to information in the future ie Norwich traffic information 4hrs time (or in a date time range) for example planned road closures in the futures of over night would enable route / navigation systems to plan ahead of time.