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Distribution lists with nominated exclusion processing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032452D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-05
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A common approach to distributing information to people is to have a common distribution list. Very often there is a need to send information to most people on that list, but not everyone. It would be useful to be able to simply exclude a named party, similar to the way in which a named part can be copied in most email systems.

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Distribution lists with nominated exclusion processing

This article relates to the use of distribution lists or pre-constructed collections of names which are used when distributing pieces of information to a number of target recipients. A good example of this is email processing where an email is sent to many people. Consider the following example:

  "Manager A" is in charge of a team of 10 people grouped under "Group A". Group A consists of the following named people " A Person, B Person , C Person , D Person .........J Person". There is a distribution list that the everyone
uses for sending emails to all the group called "Group_A_People".

  In the example, Manager A nearly always sends information (emails) to the whole of the group by using the distribution list, "Group A People", as the vast majority of emails relating to the group are to be seen by all of the group .

  However, in some circumstances it may be the case that certain members of the group need to be excluded from a particular email. For example , one of the team members , B Person, is to receive an award, or have a birthday celebration and there is to be an event organised wherein all members of the team except B person are informed of the event, because the event is a surprise for B person. Currently, in order to send the message to all other members of Group A the manager has to do one of the following:

Edit the list of names in Group_A_People to temporarily remove B person.

Create another list of names "Group_A_People_minus_B_Person" , which is

the same as the original list with the single name B Person removed. Type in all the names of the 9 people that should receive the email .




  The three solutions above are all equally valid. However an alternative mechanism is described below, wherein a list of recipients that should be excluded from the distribution of the email is specified. If a name appears in both the main distribution list and the exclusion list, then this name is removed from the actual list of names to which an email is finally sent.

  Email systems tend to have the follow...