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A Messaging Pub/Sub topic that is triggered by time Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032455D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-05
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Provision of a Messaging Pub/Sub topic that is triggered by time events by a messaging system.

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A Messaging Pub/Sub topic that is triggered by time

Disclosed is a program that provides a messaging system that includes a system topicspace that publishes messages based a time schedule.

    A common messaging model is the pub/sub model. In this model a client program subscribes to one or more topics. A second program, the publisher, publishes messages to those topics. Whenever the publisher publishes a message to that topic, the messaging system distributes the message to every client that is subscribed to that topic. This approach decouples the publisher from the client. The publisher merely has to publish the message. It does not need to keep track of which client programs have subscribed to the topic of the message. The messaging system takes care of keeping track of the client programs and which client programs are interested in which topics.

    Many client programs that are processing messages also wish to be triggered at specific times. The developer of the client program can implement this by writing an additional publisher program. This additional publisher program monitors the time of day and publishes additional messages to a specific topic. This additional program introduces additional overhead and increases the complexity of the overall application. In addition the publisher does know not which messages it must produce. This is because it is unaware of which specific times are required. As a result it may publish messages for times that none of the client...