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VTS R7.3-Method For Instantaneous Error Detection in a Redundant Communications Path Configuration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032602D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-08
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This implementation tracks the receipt of duplicate messages on redundant communication paths to determine the health of the communications system.

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VTS R7.3-Method For Instantaneous Error Detection in a Redundant Communications Path Configuration

Disclosed is a method for instantaneously detecting errors in a redundant communications path system. This system consists of two separate components: Component A and Component B. There are two communication paths between Component A and Component B that always forward duplicate copies of messages on both paths. Figure 1 illustrates this system.

Figure 1: Redundant Communications System Between Two Components.

Component A always expects to see duplicate messages from Component B on both communication paths during normal operation. During abnormal operation, Component A does not receive duplicate messages on both paths. This informs Component A that something could be wrong with one of the communication paths.

In a preferred embodiment, the 3494 Tape Library Dataserver, this method would be implemented as described below.

Each of the LMs in the diagram below is a Library Manager and each is equivalent to System A above. Both LMs are not required for this invention.

The 3590/3592 is a tape drive and is equivalent to System B above.


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The LM interface is Ethernet.

The Dual Path Concentrator is an Ethernet Switch.

The Ethernet to Serial Swicth converts IP traffic to serial and serial traffic to IP. The 3590/3592 drive interface is RS485 serial.

Each Dual Path Concentrator along with an Ethernet to Seria...