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Dual Direction Rotary Shaver Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032747D
Publication Date: 2004-Nov-11
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Dual Direction Rotary Shaving

Electric shavers, particularly rotary shavers (but also for example Hitachi rotating foil shavers) traditionally have one direction of travel whereby one particular geometry is used for cutting beard hairs.

Each individual has different skin / beard hair properties. In order for more customers to be optimally satisfied then it is advantageous to allow the user to adapt the shaver to his personal needs. For individual shavers looking for an extremely close shave and also shavers looking for a more sensitive shave then it is not currently possible to offer two different cutting systems in one product.

In accordance with the invention by having two options for the direction of travel of the blades there arises the possibility of using two different geometries for cutting beard hair in one system.

Detailed description of how to build and use the invention

The direction of the rotary cutters can be reversed. This is most easily achieved by reversing the motor (changing the poles). The alternative direction of cutting enables another cutting geometry to be optionally used, for example: in one direction of motion the "Lift and Cut" system is utilised for maximum closeness, whilst when reversed the hairs are cut with a non- retracting cutter for improved comfort.

In one direction of travel a cutter with a shallow angle is used for cutting hairs for a close shave, whilst in the reverse direction a cutter with a steeper angle is used...