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IP Configuration Tool and Associated Operations for External Storage System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032771D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-11
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A program is disclosed that simplifies the task of setting IP address information for ethernet ports on external storage controllers. These ports are used to configure and manage the external storage controllers. The tool removes the need to have a separate serial port available on the controller to set the IP address and at the same time simplifies the procedure for the system administrator.

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IP Configuration Tool and Associated Operations for External Storage System

External storage controllers , such as the FAStT storage controller, typically provide ethernet ports that entitled management software use to talk to the controller firmware to configure and manage the system. Once the IP information for these ports is configured at initial install of the device the ports are connected to LANs and system management software running on other servers or clients on the LAN are used to manage the device. The storage controllers typically do not have attached terminals and the setting of the ethernet port IP addresses relies on use of DHCP in the LAN or manual procedures requiring attachment to serial ports. We disclose a program that simplifies the initial setup of these ports. It allows continued use of the DHCP approach if desired but also allows setting static IP addresses in non DHCP environments without having to use a serial port. It further simplifies the procedure by setting port information for multiple ports on separate controllers within a single control unit with only one connection. The primary benefit is to simplify the user steps by providing a wizard like tool as opposed to steps of instructions in an install guide.

A typical external storage control unit would contain two controllers internally, each with an ethernet port. Internal to the control unit the firmware on each of the controllers is able to communicate with the other. Initially, f...