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Suspension Alignment Positioning and Fastener Anti-rotation Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032848D
Publication Date: 2004-Nov-15

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In automotive suspensions, two common methods for controlling the alignment of a vehicle are a net build strategy and a trend set strategy. A common way to react torque is to use a flag or anti-rotation device attached to a nut or bolt. This allows the assembler to secure the joint without the need to react the non-driven fastener. The invention is a combination alignment positioning device and anti-rotation/self-wrenching fastener. The invention consists of a nut (or bolt), a plate that is pressed onto the fastener and a pin. The pin to fastener centerline distance serves to locate the fastener within a body/frame slot to set alignment. The pin is also used to react torque and provide a self-wrenching feature to the fastener. For service, the pin can be removed to adjust the alignment within the slot. The invention allows use of either a net build strategy (fixed distance between pin and fastener) or a trend set build strategy (multiple releases with unique distances between the pin and the fastener) with a self-wrenching feature. The combination of features saves labor time during assembly, reduces plant complexity, and achieves net build alignment variation without sacrificing serviceability.