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Magnetic cradle for computer tablet stylus Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032926D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-18
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Disclosed is a solution that allows right- or left-handed users to install a stylus receptacle on either side of a computer tablet facilitating the use and accessibility of the stylus.

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Magnetic cradle for computer tablet stylus

The use of a stylus on computer tablets is usually awkward because removing the stylus from its cradle or receptacle requires two hands or it is just not a simple operation. A faster-to-use solution is more desirable for applications where the user will be using the stylus on and off throughout the day. In current solutions, grabbing the stylus from its top and then repositioning it into a usable position is not efficient and requires extra time handling the stylus. Most solutions are designed for right-handed users. Left-handed users have to reach across the device for the stylus. Most stylus designs are too small to be comfortably used for extended periods of time, usually due to the fact that they are contained within the computer tablet, which requires the stylus to be as small as possible to keep the tablet volume as low as possible. With a conventional stylus receptacle setup, a user needs to pick up the stylus from the top and then slide it up his or her hand to an operational position. This operation takes time, and there is a chance that the user could drop the stylus.

    Most stylus in computer tablets or touch-screen enabled devices are kept behind the tablet, making them less accessible and harder to find. Some conventional stylus even have to be placed exactly in the right orientation inside their cradle so they lock in place within their receptacle, this particular example below has been designed for right-handed users:


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    Power users can be more efficient if they have a stylus that is very easy to find, use and place back in a cradle that is visible and accessible without much effort from their part. The proposed solution was designed initially with a handheld computer and a wearable harness to be used by stockbrokers. These two case scenarios below exemplify what kind of environment is common for a stockbroker and why this solution would be useful:

    The proposed solution allows right- or left-handed users to install the stylus receptacle on either side of the computer tablet according to their needs. Users can pick up the stylus from the portion where it will also be used for writing and imputing data, minimizing effort on their part. Other solutions require a less straightforward operation.