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Integrated enclosure for PCMCIA wireless card. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032927D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-18
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Disclosed is a solution for enclosing a PCMCIA Wireless Antenna of any brand into a computer system.

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Integrated enclosure for PCMCIA wireless card .

There are many products that require the use of PCMCIA Wireless cards. But the current solutions do not provide an effective way to enclose them. Most solutions have the Wireless Card sticking out of the enclosure which is uncomfortable, unsafe and exposes the card to possible breakage. As shown in Figs. 1 and 2, the antenna is prone to damage and becomes intrusive.

    The use of a PCMCIA wireless card allows to upgrade/change the wireless technology, which can't be done with on-board wireless solutions. This solution was designed initially to be used by stock brokers. On the trading floor, the integrated enclosure allows the users to access the handheld computer without the comfort and ease-of-use problems that they encountered before with commercially available products (as shown in Fig. 3).

    This invention is a solution for enclosing a PCMCIA Wireless Antenna of any brand into a computer system. The advantages of having the Wireless card concealed within the enclosure are:
1) The unit is more comfortable to hold and wear.
2) The wireless card will be protected from damage.
3) Clothing and other elements will not get caught in the antenna.
4) There is a more appealing and simple appearance of the device.

    This invention allows to seamlessly enclose any brand PCMCIA Wireless Antenna within a computer device by the use of a smoked clear plastic window which will reveal the status lights of the antenna. A secondary cover will allow for easy removal (as shown in Fig. 4). The device has an integrated enclosure shape and the wireless card is invisible to the user (as shown in Fig. 5).

    As simple as this solution seems, enclosing the wireless card creates some challenges that have prevented this solution from been previously implemented. The current invention addresses these in an easy to apply manner:
1. The antenna light indicators need to be exposed so the user can still see them. These indicators are located in different places depending on the brand of the wireless card. To solve this, a transparent s...