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Buffering of Instant Message Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032942D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-19
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This disclosure is about system using instant message software which has a buffering function of messages

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Buffering of Instant Message

A buffering function is given to instant message software. Messages are not only displayed on screen immediately, but also it is not notified that user received them. They are buffered.

For example, following situation may be considered: user is just writing e-mail and can not reply soon. After the work is finished and the user is ready to reply, the buffered messages are displayed.

The state that messages are received but not displayed is given. The state happens and received messages are buffered from the moment. When the state returns to original state, the buffered messages are displayed (figure 1).

"Working" (or "working state") status is newly made. For transition to the state, for instance, "shooting keyboard more than 100 times within 1 minute" could be defined. The state continues as long as user shoots keyboard 100 times or more in one minute, and striking keyboard less than 100 times makes the state back to its original state. Counting the number of striking keyboard could be performed with monitoring software, etc (figure 2).

When the state is "working"(or "working state"), received messages are buffered in personal computer, and display on screen is not performed.

All the buffered messages are displayed at the moment of changing to other status . Timestamp with which messages were stored inside personal computer are held at the same time.

The status "working"("working state") could be seen by other users using the instant...