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Mobile loading value using Contactless Point of Sales Termin Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032944D
Publication Date: 2004-Nov-19
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Problems using Prepaid Cards


“It takes too long to top-up my card. Sometimes I key the wrong code and I have to go through the all process again”

“As a foreigner avoiding roaming charges, I can’t understand the vocal prompts in local language”

“I will buy more cards if the top-up was easier”

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Using NFC-devices instead

1. The user goes to a point of sale

2. He buys a cash value for prepaid mobile phone

3. He wipes his mobile phone through a Contactless POS or through a RFID reader plugged to the POS terminal

4. Value is automatically loaded a) in the phone or b) stored in an account of an accounting server (confirmation message via NFC or SMS optional)

In case b) preferably the IMSI of the phone is transmitted to the POS so as to identify the device. Hence no further user action is necessary.

Advantage: Additional magnetic card is not needed anymore.

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Send amount and card number

Credit the account

Sends confirmation SMS




Send amount and phone number

Credit the account

Sends confirmation SMS to phone




phone number