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Multiple Medical Material Spray Coating Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032951D
Publication Date: 2004-Nov-19
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Presented is a device providing a method of depositing therapeutic agents and polymer coatings onto medical devices, such as stents. Through the method of air atomized spray, multiple coating mixtures can be dispensed simultaneously from this single spray device and may be deposited individually or together at user-selected intervals. By entraining the therapeutic agent into the polymer at or near the end of the spray process, encapsulation of expensive therapeutic agents will be drastically reduced. This device uses two separate fluid supply systems with the possibility of a third if needed. A high velocity air stream ejected through an air annulus produces atomization. Within the center of the air annulus are two fluid ports, the outer most is a fluid port annulus and produces a hollow cylindrical fluid column which atomizes easily. The center most fluid port produces a solid stream of material. Each port is independently supplied by a pressurized container with adjustable flow control, or a syringe driven by a syringe pump.

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