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Use of QWERsive as alternate input method editor for Asian languages Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032953D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-19
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An Alternative Asian Text Input Method built upon the QWERsive text entry system

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Use of QWERsive as alternate input method editor for Asian languages

QWERsive is a patent pending technology from IBM* that combines the concepts of cursive handwriting and QWERTY keyboards. A stylus is used to draw connecting lines between the geographic locations of characters on a keyboard, thereby offering significant advantages for data input in handheld computers.

Asian languages that require an input method editor (IME) for character entry could be replaced on a PDA or pen computing device (or normal system) by use of the QWERsive entry system as the front end processing for entry of the characters. The normal IME could then be called for the final processing step of data entry. Normal QWERsive entry - gesturing the primary entry of the IME would be used to save time in the entry of the phoneme for lookup. The second state proceedes as normal IME entry selection of the appropriate Asian language character.

*IBM is a trademark of the International Business Machines Corporation