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Indication of Synchronization Results on Mobile Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000032963D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-19

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The IBM WebSphere Everyplace Client provides users the ability to access and synchronize their personal information management (PIM) applications and data from an aggregated view via mobile devices, such as smartphones and PDAs. Once a sync is complete and device data has been sent to and received from the server, users find it beneficial to view a display of a high level summary of the results of the sync on the device. Some types of synchronization software use pop ups to inform users that new data has arrived, and others provide a total count of new data for applications like mail. These types of indication are necessary from an end-user's standpoint to ensure that they are aware of any new application updates sent to the device. However, there are no known functions that provide users with a universal method of indication for sync results across all applications that have been synchronized. Disclosed herein is a technique that is implemented within the IBM WebSphere Everyplace Client user interface to provide a common set of status indication based on the results of application synchronization on mobile devices. This disclosure describes the use of small but informative graphic indicators to provide an "at a glance" means of determining individual application results and data status following a synchronization event. Dynamically displaying one of three condition-dependent icons provides users with the status of information given their known interactions with individual applications. This technique allows users to quickly assess and manage their personal information, and is particularly appropriate and useful for small screen displays found on mobile devices.