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Coordinated problem analysis using product dump formatters Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033035D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-22
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Coordinated problem analysis using product dump formatters

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Coordinated problem analysis using product dump formatters

Complex problem diagnosis between products often requires multiple interactions between "Level 2" support organisations. Each L2 support use their own product problem determination tools to resolve the problem.

The scenario we are trying to solve is the following;
1) DB2 support person uses his dump formatter and tools to figure out what looks like the cause of the problem.
2) A DB2 task is waiting for an IRLM lock
3) DB2 support person transfers analysis to IRLM support person
4) IRLM support person decides task is validly waiting for an IRLM lock because the holder is still in DB2
5) IRLM support person transfers analysis back to DB2 support.

With co-ordinated dump formatting the DB2 formatter detects IRLM involvement and automatically calls the related IRLM analysis. The report is a single seamless DB2/IRLM analysis that can be use to rule out or rule in prospects for the problem.

The DB2 / IRLM coordinated analysis solves the above-described problem in many ways.

When DB2 is requested to provide lock data, the IRLM dump formatter is loaded ready for use.

If DB2 detects a wait condition due to an IRLM suspend or all locks per agent are needed then IRLM is called to provide the information.

The information is provided in CRE (Campaign for Real English) format, this allows a person not highly skilled in IRLM to follow what has happened.

The solution allows for mulitple products to hook up and provide analysis...