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Glass hold method to solve bump stress Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033074D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-24
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Disclosed is a LCD module assembly device which withstands against shock kind of stress. The most heavy part within LCD module is fixed on main frame tightly then the stress to critical part is eliminated.

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Glass hold method to solve bump stress Glass hold method to solve bump stressGlass hold method to solve bump stress Glass hold method to solve bump stress

Fig. 1 shows the structure of LCD module device. Almost all LCD module has the same or the similar structure like this. The glass with PCB assembly is held by the mold frame. The glass plate is on the opposite side of mold frame and the PCB assembly is in the back side. The COF film connects between the glass and PCB assembly. The light guide panel is attached on the back side of the mold frame. The metal frame covers and holds from the opposite side of the glass to the light guide panel.

Among these structure of parts the glass with PCB assembly has the most heavy weight . When LCD module receives unexpected shock kind of stress, if the glass part moves in the mold frame, the big stress causes on the COF film. In some case this COF film and its signal line has cuts then the defect occures .

The Fig. 2 shows the method of eliminating the stress. The adhesive tape is affixed on the back side of the glass assembly as shown in the figure and this adhesive tape is also affixed on the top of the mold frame horizontally. The line of adhesive tape on the mold frame shown in the figure 1 indicates this horizontal affixing.


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