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Simple user interface for LED array Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033076D
Publication Date: 2004-Nov-24
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Simple user interface for LED array

    To control colour variable (LED) light sources, a simple user interface is needed. It is expected that consumers are not willing to invest in special remote controls or wall mounted switch panels, necessary for control.

Such a simple user interface can be realized as follows:

    The (LED) light source is equipped with an electronic control circuit which times the switch actions of the user to control the lamp settings:

· When switching on, the light source starts to increase both the intensity and the colour temperature in a correlated way
· When switching off:

o The lamp remains on for a certain interval, keeping the light setting it had on the moment it was switched off

o If the switch is not put 'on' within this interval, the lamp extinguishes

o If the switch is put 'on' within this interval, the lamp continues to burn with the chosen setting

    Optionally, this could be expanded to start the lamp with its previous setting if the lamp is switched on again, within a certain time interval after it has switched off completely.

    In this way, the light source can mimic the run-up behaviour of a classical filament lamp, but over a much larger range of the black body line.

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