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A wide vertical scrollbar enabling horizontal scroll Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033104D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-26
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-26
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By widening the vertical scrollbar and enabling the cursor to move horizontally, you can scroll the window freely to every direction without swithing the cursors from vertical scrollbar to horizontal one.

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A wide vertical scrollbar enabling horizontal scroll

1. Problem of the current scrollbars

When you read a large document on GUI system such as Windows®, you use a cursor on a scrollbar to scroll it. (Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.)

When the document is longer than the window, a vertical scrollbar appears at the right hand side of the window. When the document is wider, a horizontal scrollbar appears at the bottom of the window. By holding and moving the cursor on the scrollbar, you can scroll the area that appears in the window.

In this way you can choose and show any part of the large document on the window, but you need to handle the two cursors, one on the vertical scrollbar and one on the horizontal scrollbar, which is often inconvenient when you read the document vertically long, but not so wide. Reading such document you often scroll up and down and rarely move horizontally, but once horizontal scroll becomes necessary, you have to take the vertical cursor off and go to the bottom of the window, hold the horizontal cursor and handle it, and after that you have to go back to the vertical one.

Picture 1. You have to go to the bottom to scroll the document right

2. Solution given by this invention

Here I propose to widen the vertical scrollbar keeping the width of the cursor and to enable it move horizontally on the vertical scrollbar. In this way you can scroll the document in every direction by holding a cursor.


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The width of the scrollbar is calculated as: the original width of the scrollbar * the width of the document / the width of document shown in the window

In this way, we keep the ratio of the width of the scrollbar to the width of the cursor same as that of horizontal scrollbar. So when you put the cursor at the right end scroll...