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A method and System to Enable Real-Time Signature Over the Network Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033128D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Nov-29
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Nov-29

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The nature of businesses and the fast pace of life itself today requires individuals to travel extensively on a frequent basis. Several devices and mechanisms have been invented and are in use today, that allow people to collaborate from remote geographic locations. Inventions such as scanners, faxes, email, digital signature algorithms and the like enable individuals and businesses to function seamlessly across geographic locations. However, in order for businesses to take advantage of these facilities, they have to have varying degrees of 'digitization', i.e. they should be amenable to using one or more of these digital mechanisms as an acceptable means of authentication, authorization and non-repudiation. Even though there is such a plethora of digital collaboration mechanisms, none of these satisfactorily cater to businesses that still depend on authorization given in the traditional manner, such as signing on a physical paper document. Business such as real estate, mortgages and numerous government departments depend on this old age method of seeking and granting approval in this new age, and hence none of the above mechanisms satisfactorily cater to the needs of such enterprises. Presented is an apparatus for businesses that only accept physical signatures as valid forms of approval, to collaborate with customers and organizations that are geographically separated, without having to digitize their fundamental paper based systems of doing business.