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Antioxidants for Hair-care applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033153D
Publication Date: 2004-Nov-30

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Disclosed are specific compositions for hair-care applications which are useful for the protection of human and animal hair from oxidative degradation processes (photooxidation, autooxidation). The hair-protection actives in these compositions are selected from (A) specific antioxidants, (B1) benztriazole UV absorbers (B2) triazine UV absorbers and (C1) hindered nitroxyl compounds (C2) hydroxylamine compounds and (C3) hindered hydroxylamine salt compounds.

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Antioxidants for Hair-care applications

Hair care applications which are specifically directed to the protection of the natural or artificial color and structure of human and anmimal hair from oxidative degradation processes (photooxidation, autooxidation) have become more and more important in the home and personal care sector.

The present disclosure relates to novel cosmetic compositions with improved properties for different hair-care applications like hair-washing, hair pretreatment preparations, hair rinsing, hair tonics, hair-waving, hair styling, hair coloring or tinting and even more applications.

It was found that

(A)          specific antioxidants selected from the formulae

(A1)           ; and/or

(A2)           ; and/or

(A3)           ,

wherein in formulae (A1), (A2) and (A3)

R1             is hydrogen; C1-C22alkyl; C1-C22alkylthio; C5-C7cycloalkyl; phenyl; C7-C9phenylalkyl; or SO3M;

R2             is C1-C22alkyl; C5-C7cycloalkyl; phenyl; or C7-C9phenylalkyl;

Q               is ‑CmH2m‑; ; ‑CmH2m-NH; a radical of formula (1a)   ;or (1b)   ;

T               is ‑CnH2n‑; ‑(CH2)n‑O‑CH2‑; ; or a radical of formula (1c);

V               is ‑O‑; or ‑NH‑;;

a                is 0; 1; or 2;

b, c and d are each independently of one another 0; or 1;

e                is an integer from 1 to 4;

f                 is an integer from 1 to 3; and

m, n and p are each independently of one another an integer from 1 to 3;

if e = 1, then

R3             is hydrogen; M; C1-C22alkyl; C5-C7cycloalkyl; C1-C22alkylthio; C2-C18alkenyl; C1-C18­phenylalkyl; a radical of formula (1d)   ; (1e)   ; or (1f)   ;

M               is alkali; ammonium;

if e = 2, then

R3             is a direct bond; ‑CH2‑;   ;   ‑O‑ ;   or   ‑S‑;


e  =   3, then

R3             is the radical of formula (1g)   ; (1h)   ;

(1i)   ; or (1k)       ;


e                = 4, then

R3             is ; or a direct bond;

R4 and R5 are each independently of the other hydrogen; or C1-C22alkyl;

(B)          benztriazole UV absorbers of the formulae


and/or (B2) triazine UV absorbers of formula

(B2)           ,


R1     is C1-C12alkyl; C1-C5alkoxy; C1-C5alkoxycarbonyl; C5-C7cycloalkyl; C6-C10aryl; aralkyl; ‑SO3M; a radical of formula (1a)   

R8             is hydrogen; C1-C5alkyl; C1-C5alkoxy; halogen, preferably Cl; or hydroxy;

R4 and R5 are each independently of the other hydrogen; or C1-C5alkyl;

m              is 1 or 2;

n                is 0 or 1;

if m = 1,

R2     is hydrogen; unsubstituted or phenyl-substituted C1-C12alkyl; C6-C10aryl;

if m = 2,

R2             is a direct bond; ‑(CH2)p‑; and

p                is 1 to 3;

L1      is C1-C22alkyl, C2-C22alkenyl or C5-C7cycloalkyl;

L2 and L6 are each independently of the other H, OH, halogen, C1-C22alkyl, halomethyl;

L3, L5 and L7 are each independently of one another H, OH, OL1, halogen, C1-C22alkyl, halomethyl;

L4      is H, OH, OL1, halogen, C1-C22alkyl, phenyl, halomethyl;

L12             is C1-C22alkyl, phenyl C1-C5alkyl, C5-C7cycloalkyl, OL1 or, pr...