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Method of Providing Frequency Reference for an Implantable Miniature Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033182D
Publication Date: 2004-Nov-30

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The present disclosure relates to delivering a stable frequency reference from an incoming signal such that wireless communication can be accomplished with an implantable miniature device or microstimulator. The space limitations of a microstimulator restrict using a conventional quarts or other stable time base from which to derive stable references for communicating with the miniature implantable device. By using an incoming signal as a phase-lock reference, the embedded communication circuits within the microstimulator can operate on a separate frequency separated by a convenient amount from the inbound signal with the same stability as that signal. The incoming signal can come from the inbound communication signal, power supply or battery charging signal, or both and be used as a phase-lock reference to stabilize the frequency. Wireless communication with the microstimulator is then accomplished to perform the stimulation function or any other programmed function.