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Universal Straight Channel Cold Plate With Flow-around Mounting Inserts For Improved Performance and Ease Of Manufacturability Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033261D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Dec-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Dec-02
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Disclosed is a cold plate that utilizes a single scalable base design, a customizable lid/manifold structure, and mounting inserts to alleviate the cost and difficulty encountered when designing a cold plate for large modules with multiple through holes for mounting. The invention features reduced manufacturing difficulty by reducing CNC mill machine time. By allowing new mounting hole patterns to be easily integrated through the introduction of a boss insert with an annular flow passage, design customization is simplified.

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Universal Straight Channel Cold Plate With Flow -around Mounting Inserts For Improved Performance and Ease Of Manufacturability

Figure 1 shows one configuration for the universal straight channel cold plate with flow-around mounting inserts and the details of the flow-around insert. The cold plate base, consisting of multiple parallel channels, can be machined by a gang-saw, jewelry saw, or band-saw operation to quickly and inexpensively create an extended surface structure for enhanced heat transfer. The cold plate lid/manifold structure is made with an end-mill cut. Upon assembly of the cold plate cover and base, the clearance holes for the flow-around mounting inserts are drilled and the inserts are placed. Finally, a braze operation and final clean-up of the exposed base surface completes the cold plate assembly. The cold plate is mounted to the module via mounting screws identically to existing cold plate designs. In combination with the cold plate base and cover, the insert provides flexibility in mounting hole pattern while assuring heat transfer performance by providing a flow passage as close as possible to the mounting screw.

Figure 1.


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Figure 2 shows the function of the flow-around insert in the cold plate base with fluid flow. Fluid flow enters at the inlet (lower right side of the figure) then progresses through the flow channels. The flow is redirected at the opposite side of the...