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Method For Automatically Beginning a Heart Rate Recovery Timer to Determine Heart Rate Recovery Data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033262D
Publication Date: 2004-Dec-02

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A methodology for automatically beginning a timer (or beginning another feature) upon e.g. the termination or completion of a different mode (e.g. exercise). In the preferred embodiment, a heart rate recovery (e.g. countdown) timer is started automatically and immediately after the termination/actuation of another mode. In a specific embodiment, as soon as the user stops the Chrono timer (e.g. the user has completed his/her exercise) a "recovery timer" automatically and immediately starts counting down from a predetermined value (e.g. 2 minutes). In this way, by measuring (e.g. using a heart rate monitor) the user's heart rate at the beginning of the recovery period and at the end of the recovery period, the user's "recovery heart rate" can be determined and/or displayed. The present invention advantageously removes the need for a user to initiate the sequence to begin the recovery heart rate period, in this example, since it will automatically commence upon the termination/completion of the activity (e.g. here triggered by the actuation of a sequence (e.g. "stop") in the Chrono mode).