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Method to create by example dynamic groups of servers in System Administrator software Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033270D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Dec-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Dec-03
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This method allows one to create groups of servers using the inventory of a single machine to control what servers are added to the group.

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Method to create by example dynamic groups of servers in System Administrator software

A method is disclose to make the creation of dynamic groups based on the inventory of a test machine. In managing xSeries servers, one of the tasks users complain about is creating Dynamic groups of servers. One estimate is that 75% of the groups created in IBM Director are dynamic groups. Users create dynamic groups to help them manage large number of servers. For example, Fig. 1 [*] shows how someone would build a dynamic group query of systems not suitable to run a common operating system.

Figure 1

The above example uses the IBM Director Dynamic Group Editor to create a group of system. Conceptually, this is a simple task but the query is very complicated. This method tries to provide a simple and quick way to create dynamic groups.

Most System Administrators have a test machine where they test changes before moving them off to other users. In addition, there is an Inventory function that collects data on a wide range of attributes. The method in this invention uses the idea of a test machine and the inventory of the test machine. The user would pick a test machine and the criteria they are interested in as shown


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in Fig 2. In Fig 2, the user picked system Use1a and the criteria for operating system requirements. The tree on the left would only list criteria for which there was inventory data on the machine. The user can then pick how the match should be made. When a user creates this group, they don't care about the values. The value...