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Analog Stopwatch Capable of Storing and Displaying Multiple Laps/Splits Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033279D
Publication Date: 2004-Dec-03

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By using multiple displays, a timepiece can both indicate (e.g. sequence through) one or more specific laps (e.g. "1," "2," "3," etc.) from a plurality of laps and then display the particular "split" for each of the indicated "laps." In the preferred embodiment, a smaller display (e.g. similar to one of the "eyes" in a chronograph watch) can increment in units of 1 to indicate which lap is being displayed while a (e.g.) center mounted hand (e.g. a "seconds" hand, for example) can immediately rotate to the demarcation (e.g. "4" to indicate 20 seconds) representative of the split for the indicated lap. The present invention permits the computing, storing and displaying of multiple lap/split data. All of the foregoing can also be provided while the timepiece is simultaneously running since the microprocessor can maintain information regarding the position of the hands and what split(s) are being displayed and/or running.