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Process Versioning via Deployment Descriptors Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033300D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Dec-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Dec-06
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Workflow management systems manage the execution of business processes. During deployment or execution of a business process, port types are assigned to ports of a Web Service. It is suggested to support versioning for this assignment via the deployment descriptor. By specifying time frames for the assignment of port type to ports, one achieves a high flexibility in versioning of business processes. Furthermore, one can imagine different levels on time-stamp based versioning, such as on the deployment descriptor level, the scope level, the individual port type level, or activity level.

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Process Versioning via Deployment Descriptors Process Versioning via Deployment DescriptorsProcess Versioning via Deployment Descriptors Process Versioning via Deployment Descriptors

Suppose we have a simple process consisting of three activities that invoke Web Services. Using a shortened version of the Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS), an upcoming OASIS standard, the definition of the process would look like the following:

<process name="myProcess>


<invoke name="A" portType="A" operation="oA"/>

<scope name="myScope">


                 <invoke name="B" portType="B" operation="oB"/> <invoke name="C" portType="C" operation="oC"/> </sequence> </scope> </sequence> </process>

An appropriate deployment descriptor could then look like the following :

<deploymentDescriptor process="myProcess">

    <assign portType="A" port=""/> <assign portType="B" port=""/> <assign portType="C" port=""/> </deploymentDescriptor>

In this case, the workflow management system would fix port type A to, port type B to, and port type C to when a particular process instance is started. By adding a "valid from" date to the deployment descriptor one could provide fro versioning the assignment of port types. The following figures illustrates this.

<deploymentDescriptor process="myProcess" validFromDate"01/01/2003">

    <assign portType="A" port="http...