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A Portable Thermal Container with Active Heat Storage Method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033310D
Publication Date: 2004-Dec-06
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A Portable Thermal Container with Active Heat Storage Method

    The proposed invention employs PCM (Phase Change material) for active heat conservation of the contained substance by the latent heat stored/released from PCM (Phase Change Material). Furthermore, providing several boxes with different PCM allow the flexibility of applications where diverse thermal storage temperatures are desired, such as thermal flasks, baby milk bottles or any other appliances which requires constant temperature preservation. Due to the wide availability of industrial PCMs & compact heating technology, e.g., flat heating, this type of thermal container can be made portable, instant/fast charging and suitable for various storage & stable temperatures.

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Contained material

Box filled with PCMs

Casing with reflective coating

Thermal Container with PCM

Structure of PCM box

Box filled with PCMs

Flat Heater coupled

Power supply socket

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