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Toaster with browning indication display Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033311D
Publication Date: 2004-Dec-06
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ID 698492

Toaster with browning indication display

    Current indicators used in toasters are time left indication. Different visualisations are used. Nowadays consumer products must radiate high tech and electronics. Some ways to show the time left indication is by means of LED's.

    The invention relates to showing the browning degree level of the bread, which is put inside the toaster, on a display provided on the toaster. This is more interesting for the consumer because a time left indication indicates how much time is left before the toaster switches of. The indication of the browning degree level shows at what state the browning degree level is.

    The invention uses an LCD display displaying a piece of bread. Within the piece of bread are spots indicated, the darker the toasted bread becomes, the more spots are lighted up.

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