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Method to verfiy ROM Personalization Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033324D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Dec-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Dec-07
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Method to verfiy ROM Personalization

  Disclosed is a software method to generate a data (personality) file from the manufacturing data for a compiled Read Only Memory (ROM) array. The method then compares this personality file with the latest customer supplied personality file, reporting any differences.

  A compileable ROM is created with a compiler using a personality file supplied by the customer as an input. The personality file is used to program the customer's data into the ROM. The outputs of this operation are the industry standard data formats : Electronic Design Interchange Format (EDIF) and Graphic Design System II (GDSII) data files. These outputs go through a layout vs . schematic (LVS) check and design rule check (DRC). However, no check exists to compare the contents of the customer's personality file with the data in the compiled GDSII for the ROM .

  The software translation method generates a personality file from the final compiled ROM EDIF. This generated personality file is compared with the customer's personality file. This same EDIF is then checked with LVS against the physical GDSII . If the LVS check is clean, then the EDIF compares correctly with the GDSII . If the EDIF matches the GDSII and the generated personality file matches the EDIF, then it can be concluded that the generated personality file matches the GDSII .

  There are several advantages of this method . Any problems are identified prior to release to manufacturing, allowing for cor...