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Dynamic Tracking System for Website Links Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033366D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Dec-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Dec-08
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This is a system which returns the newest address and the information on a site. If a URL which the user accesses has disappeared, the system returns the information that it does not exist. Moreover, If the user cannot see the site because of URL change, system shows the newest URL by tracing it automatically . It becomes unnecessary for the user to look for the new URL which has changed before he knows ,and when the site does not exist, the user can get the information that the site does not exist. Those who have established the site have only to register some informations to this system after URL change. And they do not need to announce the URL change to the people around.

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Dynamic Tracking System for Website Links

Disclosed is a system for user who wants to see the Internet site efficiently.

The invented system shows the user the newest address and the newest information on a site by tracing URL automatically.

Fig1 is the functional block diagram of an idea. The block surrounded by the dotted line is the newly added portion. Fig2 shows a flow when the user inputs a URL and actually browses a site. Table1 shows Mapping Table. In this system, those who establishes a site needs to register the URL to Mapping Table before and after the URL change .  

Now, I'll show the flow of this system. The user inputs the URL of the site which he wants to browse..

Usually, the address of the DNS server is solved by the function of DNS server, and finally the IP address corresponding to the URL is returned and the contents of the file corresponding to the IP address are displayed by the browser.

If an IP address is not returned at this time, the URL inputted by user will be transmitted to the Mapping Table.

Since URL before and after URL change is registered by the one who established the site, transmitted URL is searched with Mapping Table.

If searched URL does not exist in the row of URL before and after URL change, it means that the site itself disappeared. Then the system transmits to a Sorry server and tells the user that the site disappeared.

Conversely,when URL which the user inputted exists in the row of URL before URL change , system st...