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Quick-release vehicle seat Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033488D
Publication Date: 2004-Dec-13

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The present invention is related to a vehicle seat that is displaceable along rails in a longitudinal direction (x-direction). It is often desirable to place the seat in a foremost position in order to create space behind the seat in a driving compartment. Conventional seats are often provided with a lever or the like to control a release mechanism, which releases the seat in the x-direction. In order to increase the available space behind the seat further, it is known to provide the seat with a tip-up seat cushion that can be swung into a substantially vertical position. The object of the invention is to create a seat that is simple to displace in order to create space behind the seat. According to the invention, this is achieved by using the action of swinging the seat cushion upwardly for releasing the seat in the x-direction. This function is achieved by providing e.g. a wire or a linkage between the seat cushion and the release mechanism, said wire or linkage being integrated in the seat cushion.