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Time-Based Minimize to Icon Tray Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033502D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Dec-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Dec-13
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As computers gain more and more power, users are increasingly multi-tasking. Often times this results in a crowding of the appbar at the bottom of the screen as windows are launched. One solution in attempting to lower appbar crowding is to group appbar entries together that are instances of the same application. This helps, but appbar crowding still occurs when users launch multiple applications. Disclosed herein is a mechanism to help futher reduce appbar crowding and recover that valuable screen real estate.

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Time-Based Minimize to Icon Tray

     Applications that are minimized or obscured behind other windows beyond some threshold period of time can be automatically be sent to the icon tray, or reduced from a full appbar entry into a button inline with the other appbar entries, rather than remain as a full-fledged appbar entry. This would reduce the footprint of an application on the appbar from a long rectangle to a tiny icon, either inline or in the icon tray, and would free up space for other applications. Clicking on the icon could cause it to restore the application window as well as it's own position in the appbar (e.g. it would remove itself from the icon tray and go back to the appbar, or restore it's original appbar size).