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User settable system wide server power consumption based on time of day. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033509D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Dec-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Dec-13
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Customers may desire to reduce the power consumption of their server equipment during certain hours of the day to avoid large costs for electrical power. Users may power servers off to reduce power consumption, at the expense of losing redundancy or total functionality. A simple, inexpensive solution that may maintain functionality and reduce power consumption is desirable to customers concerned about their peak hour power consumption.

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User settable system wide server power consumption based on time of day .

   Servers may be capable of throttling various hardware components to dissipate less power and produce less heat. The management software keeps track of the time of day and may control throttling behavior. Through the management software users may set server and module behavior to throttle up and down during certain hours of the day based on their desired performance or power consumption needs.

   The solution is an inexpensive value add feature that will allow the user to control the power consumption of their server systems.

   The management software will provide an interface enabling the user to set a ceiling for the any controlled system or individual server power consumption levels based on the time of day. The power consumption levels will be bounded by the server throttling capabilities. When the Management software encounters a time of day set by the user when power consumption should be less than maximum, it will instruct the servers to throttle to the appropriate power levels. During times of the day when the user determines throttling is not needed, the Management software will release the restriction on the servers' power consumption. An additional throttle setting could be off, so that the server can be powered off during selected hours, and automatically turned on for desired hours. Flow diagram of control logic:

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