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Method to Filter Out Telemarketers from Land Lines and Cell Phones

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Original Publication Date: 2004-Dec-13
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Although a lucrative business, telemarketing has increasingly become a nuisance to its target audiences. Consumers receive repeated telemarketing calls at odd times which causes them to lose patience, energy and peace of mind. Most people would wish they were not bothered by telemarketers, and other people people they do not know. At the least, people would like to be able to listen to messages from such callers at leisure, and not when they are attending to something more important. However, currently there are no good mechanisms to do so. Evren though several laws have been passed to curb this problem, it still is a reality, and a source of constant invasion of personal privacy. In this article, we present a technique and an apparatus, by which one can easily filter out nasty telemarketing calls. This does not require any input from the caller's end, so the filtering process is completely transparent to the caller. Further, it only requires a one time input from the owner of the phone with respect to each caller he wants to allow, and no inputs for callers that the owner wants blocked.

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Method to Filter Out Telemarketers from Land Lines and Cell Phones

It is a well established fact that telemarketing fraud needlessly victimizes millions of Americans every year--especially the elderly and other vulnerable citizens. All told, it's a bustling $40 billion-a-year enterprise, raking in more money than all but 33 U.S. corporations last year. Even in the age of the Internet, the good-old fashioned telephone is still the favored way to commit mass marketing crimes. It has become so significant that the Fredral Bureau of Investigation has launched an offensive called Operation Roaming Charge, a massive, multi-agency, and multinational crackdown on telemarketing fraud. Even if we ignore the criminal angle that telemarketing poses, we're still faced with a significant source of nuisance and invasion of privacy. Most people would very much like it if they could prevent telemarketers from accessing them, or at least limiting it to certain times.

Currently there are no good solutions for preventing telemarketers and other unwanted people from reaching you on your phone, whether land line or cellular. There are systems that sit between the land line and the wall, that ask the caller to press a button. to screen out automatic telemarketing calls, and thus force genuine callers the pain of pushing buttons when they really don't need to be. The proposed solution prevents telemarketers from reaching the owner of the phone, without requiring the caller to push buttons , and eliminates interruption or disruption.

This device consists of a method for screening telemarketers and other 'unimportant' people from reaching the owner of the phone, when the owner would like not to be disturbed by such callers. There are 2 distinct, although similar components to this device:

a) Method to filter out unwanted callers from land lines, and
b) Method to filter out unwanted callers from cellular phones

In order to filter out unwanted callers from land lines, we have a device sitting between the wall jack and the phone being called. This device screens calls based on the voice of the caller, and sends calls to the phone or the voicemail depending on the settings specified by the user.

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