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A Platform-Independent Build Process for Archive Installs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033517D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Dec-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Dec-13
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Disclosed is a process for reducing the machine resources required to build an archive install for a software product that supports multiple platforms. The process separates the platform-dependent and the platform-independent pieces of the software product. It builds the platform-dependent pieces less frequently, and so reduces the overall resources required to build the archive.

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A Platform-Independent Build Process for Archive Installs

A software product suite installs multiple products and configures those products to work together and to work with the operating environment. The time required to configure some products can exceed the time required to install the product files. This results in excessive install times.

To improve install time, several products can be integrated into a preconfigured install image. The product install copies the preconfigured image to the target machine. This process is called "archive install". The product install includes product configuration.

The archive install build process requires the product to be installed and configured on a build machine. For a product that is available on multiple platforms, the archive build process needs to install the product on each platform. When building the platform-independent part of a product suite, the archive install process adds a platform dependency. For a product available on several operating platforms the build resource requirement increases by a factor of the number of operating platforms.

For example, a Java* 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) product may bundle an application server. Application servers and Java are platform-dependent products while J2EE applications are typically platform-independent products. The traditional build process for a J2EE application requires only one platform. The archive build process from the same application would require one machine of each platform that the application supports.

For a product whose platform-dependent parts rarely change, the archive build process creates unnecessary overhead. By separating the platform-dependent and the platform-independent pieces, the archive build process can be improved by building only the platform-independent parts when running each product build. The archive build process will reuse static images for the platform-dependent pieces. The build process th...