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Method of appending source information of highlighted text within copy/paste process. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033586D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Dec-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Dec-17
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The core idea here is to include accompanying source information with copied highlighted text, in addition to appending copied text to a source. Information includes document name or title, web/file link, date of copy action and date of source document creation for future reference.

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Method of appending source information of highlighted text within copy /paste process.

Searching throughout the internet or text documents for research requires accessing specific information, which involve copy and paste actions to store the findings to a temporary location for future analysis. Current solutions for this problems do not automatically include the link, name of source document origin date or the timestamp/date of the paste action. There by making it difficult for researchers to corroborate the information in question unless these items we're manually entered.

This solution involves the action of storing this additional information in the clipboard and sending it with the highlighted information to other applications such as word processor or e-mail for later use. If a research is intended, the repetitive action of entering (title/origin/date/location) will become a burden and will consume valuable time is best used in the investigative process. Therefore, considering all of this information is at hand, it's best to automate this process as a new feature of a copy/paste action.

This approach will basically work similar to the way the right click mouse pops up a window to save or send pictures. The whole point of the approach is that the researcher can indicate to send the highlighted text to a predefined destination such as a word processing document or e-mail, concatenating the text and source information, date and origin to be processed later. Ea...