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Whipped Dairy Cream In a Pastry Bag (Freeze-Thaw Stable) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033664D
Publication Date: 2004-Dec-21
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Freeze-thaw stable dairy whipped cream in a pastry bag (plastic or otherwise)which combine all the desirable performance and stability characteristics of the non-dairy counterpart with the additional flavor and label advantages of real cream, for sale to the bakery and retail market.

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Title: Freeze-thaw stable whipped dairy cream in a decorating pastry bag.

Background                                                                                                                                    This publication describes the technological requirements for producing a

stabilized dairy whipping cream which can be used in conjunction with a sealed pre-

filled bag (plastic or otherwise) which utilizes a disposable decorating tip, for sale to the bakery industry, as well as retail outlets.

                    Sealed pre-filled bags of icings, toppings and various other types of fillings are

becoming increasingly popular for decorating cakes, pastries and other types of confections. The advantage of this type of product is that the need for the preparation of the bagged decorating material is eliminated. In addition to the savings in time and labor a greater sense of consistency in quality is inherent in this “ready-to-use” product.

                    Decorating tip arrangements are affixed to the pre-filled pastry bag to extrude the contents of the bag. The tips may be inserted into the bag at the time of pre-filling or a provision is made for the tip to be externally attached to the bags either by the manufacturer of the bag or by the end user. The ability to affix the tip externally to the bag offers the flexibility of changing styles of decorating tips.

                    The preparation and manufacture of the whipped food product as well as the rigors of shipment and end user handling of the bagged food product offer a challenge

to the food technologist to develop an icing/topping which can maintain acceptable

functional performance. The most preferable class of products for the pre-filled sealed bag application has been found to be the highly aerated (0.28-0.34 specific gravity) freeze-thaw stable toppings and icings. These products are invariably vegetable oil based, highly engineered, food products that have been formulated to incorporate a relatively large amount of air and maintain adequate whipped stability at refrigerated temperatures upon thawing. In addition, the topping/icing should demonstrate good heat tolerance which is simply the ability of the product to stay soft and usable for several hours in the event that the bagged product is not returned to the refrigerator between applications of the topping/icing.

                    This article discusses the formulation, manufacture and preparation of a freeze-

thaw stable dairy whipping cream which can be used in pre-filled sealed pastry type bags

which combine all the desirable performance and stability characteristics of the non-dairy counterpart with the additional flavor and label advantages of real cream.


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