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Paper Product Cores with Indicia for Promotional Uses Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033677D
Publication Date: 2004-Dec-23
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The cores for paper products such as paper towels or toilet paper can be provided with printing, labels, or other indicia to add functionality to the core and to encourage repeat purchasing of the product.

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Paper Product Cores with Indicia for Promotional Uses

Crystal Sherman and Christine Mau Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Neenah, Wisconsin

Cores of absorbent paper products, such as paper towels and toilet tissue, provide a means for branding and other promotional messaging that is not readily utilized by paper product manufacturers. Because rolled absorbent paper products often lose all evidence of branding or promotional indicia once they are taken from outer wrappers and placed on dispensers, manufacturers could benefit from using the core as an additional branding mechanism to provide one more consumer touch-point with the brand. Colors and icons used on the cores could match the external packaging colors and icons in order to help stimulate brand awareness and repeat purchase.

In addition to branding of the cores, colorization and other forms of marking designs on the cores may be used to provide promotional and messaging opportunities. Additionally, promotional programs may be devised that include collecting and redemption of cores, akin to other label and lid-based promotions. A unique benefit that cores have over other product-packaging components is that a core is a three-dimensional structure which can be combined with other cores to enable construction of arts and crafts. A myriad of craft ideas for children exist that are based on using tubular cores from toilet paper and paper towels (see, for example, and,2041,DIY_14025_2269565,00.html ). Such uses can be enhanced or encouraged with core printing, possibly leading to increased sales of the product.

Sweepstakes-like or instant winner promotions could also be executed using cores as the game-piece medium. These core-based promotion opportunities would be linked back to the brand messaging that is desired for a given brand, and in turn, would provide opportunities for differentiation, brand building, and loyalty building. By utilizing unique markings on the cores, a brand can ensure that only their product is used for the core- based promotion, which, in-turn, increases the effectiveness of the promotion in driving consumers to a given brand vs. competitors.

Marking may be on either the exterior or interior surfaces of...