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Method and Apparatus to Process an Absorbent on a Roll in Conjunction with a Shaped Fluff/SAM Layer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000033678D
Publication Date: 2004-Dec-23

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Mike Venturino Mark Heath Mark Lancaster


A process is discussed in which an absorbent on a roll can be introduced into a conventional fluff forming system to yield a multilayer absorbent structure. While absorbents on a roll offer several benefits, they also bring with them significant cost hurdles including raw material cost, transportation and warehouse costs, material splice culls, and pad-shaping design waste. Here we discuss a method and apparatus for cost-effective combination of absorbents on a roll by leveraging the fluff/superabsorbent (SAM) forming system. In one particular aspect, a rectangular pledget (upper layer absorbent) is cut and placed upon a geometrically shaped fluff / SAM lower layer absorbent.